You can use our official online wallet on any device without having to download anything:

Online wallet

The official Burst wallet software is available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. We focused on user experience by keeping things clean and simple so that anybody can easily manage his coins while having every features at hand. Download the wallet below and be a part of the Burst experience.

Select your operating system:

The All-in-One (AIO) client for Windows is the best choice for beginners, a fully featured Burst Wallet with plotting and mining capability. You can easily use any Burst feature, as well as manage your contacts and your passwords. Just choose the installer setup.exe or the portable version for your USB Stick.

Or you can download the Burst Core wallet for a standard wallet without the extra features.

The Burstcoin Wallet is also available for devices running under Mac OS. Download the package, extract it and and open with command line. You can access the Wallet by opening http://localhost:8125 in your browser.

Burstcoin Wallet is available for all Linux systems. Download and extract the file and start in terminal and wait for the blockchain to synchronize completely. You can access the Wallet by opening http://localhost:8125 in your browser.

Burstcoin is available on Android. You can access your Wallet, plot and mine with your Android device, save and load your wallet passphrases, use the decentralized Crowdfunding platform and get your first coins through a faucet.

Download the blockchain files

If you like shortcuts, you can download the blockchain file and put it directly in your Burst folder instead of waiting for the blockchain to synchronize automatically. Click “how to use” for a tutorial explaining the process step by step.

All download links are verified and tied to the official software created by our developpers. Be very cautious with links and software not clearly endorsed by the team.