This week the BMF team voted to show support to community developer /u/CurbShifter with a 10,000 Burstcoin donation. This comes hot on the wheels of the announcement of his project and accompanying video tutorial.

As a reminder, in addition to his most recent contribution, /u/CurbShifter also introduced a couple of noteworthy dApps last year including CloudBurst (for storing data on the Burst blockchain) and BurstCoupon (for creating and claiming password protected coupons). The various applications of these utilities have tremendous implications for Burst and open the door for mass adoption of the Burst network to help solve real-world problems.

We are proud to support the development efforts of /u/CurbShifter with this donation and all the members of our Burst Apps Team with our 2019 Roadmap Bounties. You too can support Burst development efforts or even earn Burstcoin for completing marketing/development bounties! Check out our Trello board for all the BMF/BAT addresses you can donate to along with all the bounties that are currently available.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

Your BMF Team