The BMF (BURST Marketing Fund) is proud to announce a payment of 30,000 BURST to BAT developer Harry for his development of a new free pool-software in relation to the Roadmap-Bounty. (payment-link).

This achievemnet closed another target from the development roadmap for 2019!

With this new software, pool operators are finally freed from any license restrictions and BURST can open a new chapter for its mining pools.

The new pool-software can be downloaded from the burst-app-team-github.

The software is working with Java 8 and has an UI which is clear and well-arranged.

We would like to thank the members of VLP pool (VLP discord) for their active support during the test phase of this new pool software.

In order to support the continued development of BURST, the BMF has established Development Bounties/Goals specifically for the Burst Apps Team and their 2019 Roadmap. These BAT-specific bounties are being supported in addition to the community bounties available on our Trello board.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

Kind regards,

Your BMF Team