Exchange value

Transfer tokens instantly, without any fees in an incredibly powerful shared global infrastructure allowing anonymous transactions.

Create payment channels

Design and customize your own scalable tangle on top of the Burst blockchain and distribute it according to your own rules.

Build your own applications

Create smart contracts that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

Current blockchains are unsustainable.

Centralization of resources

Outrageous energy waste

Limited transactional capacity

Slow and expensive operations

Meet Burst.

Naturally decentralized

Hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. Burst was released without any ICO or premine.

Energy efficient

Burst is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs.

Infinitely scalable

Each payment channel is arbitrarily scalable - Burst can handle an infinity of transactions per second.

Unmatched power

Transactions made on Burst payment channels are instant and entirely free of fees.

The union of Blockchain and Tangle

Because both technologies have their own advantages, we are joining them for unprecedented synergistic gains.



Thanks to our Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol, Burst is hundreds of times more energy efficient than most cryptocurrencies.


Thousands of miners around the world are securing the network day and night using military-grade cryptography.


Burst is ruled by its network of users and cannot be altered by governments or financial institutions.




Each tangle is arbitrarily scalable: every new user improves the transactional capacity of the network.

Instant transactions

Lightning-fast: transactions are received in your wallet and validated before you even have the time to check.

No fees

On-tangle transactions are completely free of fees, effectively allowing microtransactions and saving you money.


Designed for your needs

You really own your money

The blockchain is an immutable digital ledger that keeps all the data safe. You are the only one who can access your Burst account with your private key, and the blockchain cannot be altered by centralized institutions.

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Anonymous payment channels

With the Dymaxion, the issuer of a payment channel (Dymaxion Layer) can choose its characteristics – if you wish total privacy for your transactions, zk-SNARK and ring signature technologies are here for you.

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Create your own payment channel

With the Dymaxion, anyone can open a new layer on top of Burst: a tangle-based payment channel with its own token. Each tangle is entirely scalable with fee-less and instant transactions, and can be configured freely by the issuer.

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Design smart contracts

Burst has been the first ever cryptocurrency implementing turing-complete smart contracts, under a technology called Automated Transactions (AT). Create your own rules: the use cases are infinite.

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No more energy waste

True story: because of the power hungry ASIC mining hardware, the Bitcoin network alone consumes as much energy as Switzerland. It does not have to be that way.

With Burst and its Proof-of-Capacity algorithm, miners use free space on their hard drives to secure the network, and it barely uses more energy than just leaving the computer on.

See why

1000 kWh

Electricity consumed per transaction (Bitcoin)

0.0024 kWh

Electricity consumed per transaction (Burst)









Making mining philanthropic (and profitable)

What is the PoC3 protocol?

With the current Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm, miners fill their hard drives with plot files that contain all the computations to forge blocks. In their current form, these plot files are otherwise unusable data.

PoC3 is the developers’ plan to enable Proof-of-Capacity mining with real data, like movies, audio, Wikipedia archive files, OpenStreetMap GIS data and more. With PoC3, Burst will take over a custodian role in globally distributed redundant storage: it will be used for the safe preservation of all information acquired by our civilization and of permanent interest.

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Back to the roots of cryptocurrencies

We observed the cryptocurrency ecosystem for years, and we have seen the majority of projects go astray because of misleading policies and questionable ethics.

In Burst, we take pride in the fact that we strongly believe in flawless fundamentals, decentralization and innovation and that we favor long-term strategies over short-term greed. Did you know Burst was released without any ICO or premine?

Our vision