Within the wallet (BRS) from Burstcoin your are empowered to issue Token as you wish.
ERC20 is a popular Ethereum standard for token management and the BURST Token already supports most of the ERC20 operations out of the box without the need to issue a smart contract.

The following attributes need to be set to create a Token :

    The name of the asset you intend to issue. This is also the name announced to other traders, allowing them to find this asset.
    Mandatory: you cannot issue an unnamed asset. Names are non-unique: multiple assets can be issued with the same name.
    Note: for this reason, it is important to pay close when buying or selling!
    Length: between 3 and 10 characters.
    Characters allowed: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.
    In this field, you can briefly describe the asset being issued.
    Mandatory: this field is mandatory.
    Characters allowed: it can contain any Unicode characters but should be URL-encoded. Maximum length of 1,000 characters.
    Specify how many tokens you intend to create.
    Mandatory: this field is mandatory. Must be a whole number
    This field defines the divisibility of the token.
    As an example, by defining 2 decimals, the minimum amount of tokens you can sell or buy is 0.01.
    Mandatory: this field is mandatory.
    Limits:  0 to 8 decimals. The latter corresponds to the minimum of 0.00000001 tokens.
  • FEE
    Define the fee related to issuing the asset.
    1,000 BURST is the minimum required to issue an asset (to avoid spam assets).
    Mandatory: this field is mandatory.