The Bi-Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst-Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

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Development Activity

Check the activities with the following links for the main repos:

Note: This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team

  • Phoenix Mobile is now available on Android and iOS

    This week, Phoenix Mobile Burst Wallet went live on both iOS and Android. Although it’s still in early stages, it’s already packed with features like Face ID & fingerprint support, balance history, QR scanning, and much more.Developed by Burst Apps Team member blankey1337 and Titanishu, Phoenix Mobile is open source under the GPL license, and it’s powered by BurstJS, the Burst JavaScript library. It’s written in React Native, and was custom designed from scratch for Burstcoin.Download Phoenix on Android or iOS today.

  • Burst Deep Link Specification (CIP22)

    BAT member Ohager proposing to improve Burst deep linking.

    This proposal describes how to achieve consistent interoperability between applications within the Burst ecosystem.

    It recommends a lightweight specification for the concept called deep linking, and how it should be implemented.

    Read CIP22 here
  • BRS 3.0.0 – alpha released!

    BAT developer harry did a great job in the last few months and completed the backend codebase translation from Java to Kotlin (excluding generated code). The BRS 3.0.0- alpha can be downloaded and tested on the BURST-Testnet.Change-log:
    • CI now passes against Java 8, Java 9 and Java 12 – theoretically should run on those platforms
    • General Optimizations
    • Lots of optimizations to AT Implementation
    • New TaskScheduler
    • Move to Gradle-based build
    • Many bug fixes
    • Removed lots of unused code
  • Spoiler from the DEX development

Community Contributions

  • Let’s Talk Stream

    BAT member Ohager and BMF member Shefas organized a live event “Let’s talk about Burst”.

    Stream is stored on our BURST-Youtube Channel :
  • Make BURST great again with IOS Wallet – BURSTPAY

    Community member AndyLamGot created a IOS and Android App for Burst. Download here IOS or Android.
    • Easier to Promote $BURST in Hong Kong
    • Localised with readable Traditional/Simplified Chinese + CANTONESE.
    • Promote BURST Message with uncensorship communications
  • is looking to become a Not-For-Profit UK Organization

    If you like to help or join read the article here.


BMF Weekly Funds Report

The BMF owns 5 accounts with the following balances:

All bounties can be found on the BMF trello

The BMF50 Pool and the BMF100 Pool generated a bi-weekly income around 1,600 BURST.

  • BMF 0-100 Pool to help sustain marketing and development

    BMF has announced a new 0-100 pool with a 1% fee, which will be dedicated to BMF-related activities like hackathons, bounties, advertisements, etc. We encourage miners to mine some extra space against this pool, as this is going to a good cause and helps keep things running like this very Burst Bi-weekly Report.
  • NDS-A now paid by script – every 10 hours

    The BMF (BURST Marketing Fund) is paying now the NDS-Award (Networtk-Distribution-Strengthen) every 10 hours to the node operators with valid BURST- addresses, newest BRS version (current BRS 2.4.2) and was seen with the payment of the reward. The NDS-A will be paid from the BMF NDS-A Distributor account.The crawler from is used to identify the valid nodes for the NDS-A.The interval is setup as a subscription from the BMF account with 110 BURST every 10 hours. The payment is fully automated in that way that everyone can send BURST to BMF NDS-A Distributor to distribute the BURST to the node operators. This script was provided by BAT developer Zoh!

    To participate in the NDS-A, you only need to operate a full-node with the current BRS version 2.4.2.

    Set your P2P.myPlatform to your BURST account.

    In your BRS config file set “P2P.shareMyAddress = yes”.

    Your node is connectable tcp/8123 “P2P.Port = 8123”Download the Qbundle 2.5.3 here and read the manual for the installation.

Tweets of the Week

Exchange Coverage

The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact [email protected] for technical support.


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