The BMF has been working hard to establish a road map for supporting current/future projects and some baseline tools to help get us there. To that end, a Trello board has been created to track current projects/bounties, give the entire Burst community visibility into how our efforts are progressing, and also provide a place where ideas can be shared for the Burst Alliance to review. Click here to access the Trello board.

Everyone should have the ability to view the board, but you will need to set up a Trello account to add comments (it is free to sign up). If you have ideas for development, marketing, or donation proposals – add them under the relevant card in the Proposals list. If you see a comment you like, add a reaction (emoji) so it gets more consideration. The team will review proposals periodically and add cards to the Under Review list so they can be voted on. Make sure your proposal contains enough information for the Burst Alliance to properly scope it out.

One of the Burst Marketing Fund’s primary goals is to get Burst in touch with businesses and allow them to use Burstcoin world-wide as a form of payment. You will see some bounties available on the Trello board related to this goal that the BMF team has approved and allocated funds for. We truly hope that you will try tackling one or more of these tasks. If you do, please make sure you follow the criteria closely and are able to provide proof that your contribution led to the task’s completion.

Remember, projects that are currently being funded by the BMF can still be funded directly by you, the community. We will always try to supply the Burst address associated with the fund of any projects in the Funding Granted/Open list so you can direct your donations to the projects that mean the most to you. For any bounties that get approved, the reward amount granted by the BMF will be listed on the front of the card next to “Max Reward Per Entry (Burst)”. This will be accompanied by the expiration date of the bounty.

To reiterate, this board is only intended for managing bounties, marketing projects, and donation initiatives. It is an attempt to manage the marketing/funding process while providing transparency to the entire community. If you have ideas on how we can improve this process, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us in the marketing-and-bmf channel on the Burstcoin Discord server.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network


Your BMF Team