To build something great, we need different skills, opinions and attitudes all over the world
– everyone is invited to join.


To build something great, we need different skills, opinions and attitudes all over the world
– everyone is invited to join.

Burst is driven by its community in the most decentralized and organic way

Community is the most important factor of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and so for Burst. Whilst the technology is super cool, relevant and important the fact is community is what brings us all together — it’s what fuels us, what keeps us going in this space. It means everything  — people coming together to share ideas, feelings and thoughts is what really matters and is what will move the whole Burst project forward.

Burst community meetings
Burst community meetings
enjoy the Burst community

In a robust community, ideas are supported or discarded. These discussions or disagreements are carried out in a healthy way. Finally, such discussions help to evolve, to stimulate new thought patterns, ideas or concepts. The Burst community has some discussions and disagreements but here too – new ideas and creativity offer new solutions and developments for the benefit of Burstcoin.

enjoy the Burst community

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TEAMs for Burst

Even though Burst is inherently decentralized and has a worldwide community, the development of code or other activities around Burst should be organized and responsibility taken. For this reason, teams were founded to set up interest groups and work on the respective topics.

We currently have 3 teams with different focus areas

BAT (Burst Application Team)

The Burst Applications Team(BAT )was founded beginning of 2019 and is the core development team of Burstcoin and front end software. BAT owns the github for Burst and are continuing the development of the Burst Reference Software including Qbundle. They are making the usage easier with new wallet software like Phoenix and HotWallet. The latest achievement was the release of BlockTalk a Java framework to create smart contracts and a licence free pool-software for Burstcoin.



    Main developer for the BRS software and Qbundle, burst-pool and burstkit4j.



    I’m a longtime professional software developer with frontend affinity. I’ve been active in Burst community since mid of 2017 and my yet most significant contribution is the Phoenix Wallet and BurstJS. I’m highly interested in creating developer tools and end-consumer application within the Burst ecosystem.






    Developer of user experience and usage concepts. HotWallet - a cross platform desktop wallet as concept and design platform CloudBurst - Immutable storage of files on the Burst blockchain BurstCoupon - A portable and controlled delay for transaction broadcasting BurstDNS - Leveraging the Burst alias URI system as web nameserver

    John Jos


    Energy efficiency enthusiast interested in encryption algorithms and blockchain. Have developed different virtual machines and the platform known as BlockTalk, allowing to write smart contracts in Java. BlockTalk is probably the most easy to use smart contract platform today. After compilation these smart contracts run on Burstcoin blockchain.

    BMF (Burst Marketing Fund)

    The BMF was founded in November 2018 and is focused on marketing and adaption-topics for Burstcoin. The BMF introduced bounties for development and adaption, the NDS-A a reward for node operators and takes care about the different channels for Burst. The latests achivement was to get BURST on the STEX and Eterbase exhange.



    Many years of experience in the financial industry with derivatives and thus in contact with crypto currencies since 2016. Inspired by the crypto movement and its potential, Burst was the first coin for me to be fascinated by its energy efficiency algorithm (PoC) and the various on-chain features. For me the foundation of the BMF was the logical step to get Burst out of its hibernation and to show the world that we probably have the best decentralized blockchain and its potential we are just starting to fully utilize.



    I have an automotive engineering background and multiple years of experience working as a Quality & Project engineer. I am in crypto since early 2017 and I have been working with the Burst BMF team since 2018. I specialize myself in project managing multiple projects across the BMF and BAT plate, as well as getting new institutional investors on-board to support the BURST development and to implement the Burst blockchain features for their business models. I am also a member of the Yelling corporation, which is one of the first companies in Slovakia that uses BURST as its main business model.


    Community Development & PR

    In my utopia, hamburgers are eaten every single day; paid for with Burst coins.


    Community activist

    Burst investor, BMF member, spokesperson of I am a dreamer and incurable optimist. My goal is to make the world a better place. I believe with the code we can do it. My homepage



    I am a strategist for international knowledge exchange and conflict resolution. I have experienced server administration in private and business service over 20 years and programmer skills in bash and PHP. Since 2017, I have been active in the Burst community and joined the BMF at the beginning of 2019. Contact for everything concerning server operation and Facebook.

    BCT (Burst Creative Team)

    The Burst Creative Team was founded early of 2019, meant to be the powerhouse for creative thinking. A multimedia support team for Burst, ranging from simple graphic edits, logo making, website redesign upto concept designs.


    Burst Creative Director/Founder

    Been in the Blockchain space since 2017. BMF supporter, founder of the Burst Creative Team. I saw the opportunity to use my creativity and passion to support the Burst blockchain movement, I was attracted by the eco friendly - Proof of Capacity feature of Burst. COEXISTENCE is a must for sustainable blockchain technology, BURST the KING of POC.


    BURST SQUADS are the perfect way to build local clubs, groups, events or meetings around BURST. Those Squads are acting completely independent and supporting the decentral way of the BURST blockchain.


    Hongkong BURST SQUAD

    Hongkong BURST SQUAD

    The team is powered by Cyberport HK, and believes empathy is the goal & motive force for sustainable development.
    “We favor long term strategy over short term greed.”
    Squad Burst HK

    Contact via Telegram

    Create a squad and we’ll support you!

    Anyone who has created a squad can be made public here on Section BURST Squads.
    Please write a mail to and give the following information:

    • Location
    • Image or symbol for the group
    • Name of the group
    • Short description
    • Moderator of the group (nickname + twitter e.g.)
    • All links referring to your group ( boards, pages, social network etc… )

    If you have events or meeting to annouce please also add this to your mail, we will contact you to put those meetings onto our event-calendar.