The 2019 Burst Summer Hackathon has been a major success!

We want to thank everyone from the community who participated, provided their ideas, feedback, and donated to make this event possible

We were blown away by the quality of the entries, and by the community’s support of one another throughout the past month. Project submissions spanned several categories, including e-commerce, hardware wallets, mining, smart contracts, and network-level features. We believe that each project submitted, by itself, is worth pursuing and warrants further development.

But rules are rules, and this year, the rules said we needed to pick 3 projects as winners. With nine projects in total, judging was not easy. We took a few days to deliberate, and eventually came to a unanimous decision.

1st Place: Burst WooCommerce Plugin by u/jjos2372

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2nd Place: Ledger Nano S Integration by u/haryy1453

3rd Place: Freelix by u/haryy1453 & u/jjos2372

Honorable mentions:

  • BurstDNS & BurstDNS Web – These projects represent a novel way to use Burst as a DNS. Their ease of use and potential applications really made these projects stand out to us.
  • Kotlin rewrite of BRS (BRS 3.0?) – This project represents a massive undertaking, and likely represents the future of Burst. We look forward to seeing this progress and helping Burst advance into a next-generation cryptocurrency.

All Projects:

We want to thank all participants, as this wouldn’t have been a success without your hard work. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and to the community in general for helping us host this wonderfully productive event. If you have any feedback, please find us on the Burstcoin Discord in the #marketing-and-bmf channel. Winners will be contacted and rewarded this week.

Your 2019 Burst Summer Hackathon judges,

u/nixops, u/blankey1337 and u/Tank_72