Teamwork makes the dream work

Burst is a revolution led by a team with unmatched dedication and talent.

A tumultuous history

Burst was created and launched by an anonymous but highly ambitious developer in August 2014. After a year, he disappeared without explanation, leaving the community to take over development and resources. The coin picked up some momentum in 2016 and 2017, but never truly received the attention and care it deserved.

During summer 2017, the PoC Consortium, a new team of developers, came to Burst to lead it to its rightful place. The PoC Consortium is a group of highly skilled and well funded individuals: executives, entrepreneurs, developers, computer scientists, admins, designers, investors and college students.

Since then, the PoC Consortium has completely transformed the landscape and offered a new future to the coin by releasing the Burst Dymaxion and countless other improvements.

This is not an exhaustive list. This is merely the main contributors who agreed to appear here; many other people are working on the Burst project. As a community effort, Burst is being improved by the entirety of its active members.

How to participate

Burst is an open source free software project run by independent developers and users. There is no way to buy shares of the project itself. To participate and invest in this project you can download the wallet, buy and use burstcoins as a currency, trade coins on exchanges, mine with your free disk space, tell your friends and family about it, issue shares of your business on the Asset Exchange, write new lines of code, share your ideas…

Please visit our GitHub page if you want to contribute as a developer.

You are welcome to discuss any project related to Burst with our friendly community on our forums. All contributions – no matter how small – are greatly appreciated.

Follow development

We are publishing a Weekly Burst Report every Sunday on The Burstcoinist. You can also follow and interact with @PoC_Consortium on Twitter and on GitHub. Stay in touch!

PoC Consortium email:

PoC Consortium Discord channel: