In this tutorial you will learn to create your first Burst account, to validate it and to understand its interface.

When opening your Core wallet or Qbundle, you should see something like this :

The first step will be to create a new account. Click on the text “Don’t have an account? Click here to create one!”. You can either use the automatically generated passphrase or choose your own by clicking “Want to choose your own passphrase ? Click here.”

  • MAKE SURE TO PICK AN EXTREMELY SECURE PASSPHRASE! Using the generated 12 words passphrase is recommended. You can add words of your choice or special characters for increased security.

Validate your account’s passphrase.

You are now in front of the Burst wallet interface.

Here are highlighted what you should note as important attributes of the Burst wallet interface.

  • Top Left: your wallet’s name
  • Top Right: Send Burst / Message
  • Along the Left: advanced Burst wallet functionality
  • Center: Your recent transactions (this should be empty at this point)
  • Bottom Right: The 10 most recent blocks on the blockchain.

Now we have to go through the process of validating your Burst account. This is why: any passphrase you type into the wallet is run through an algorithm and “points” at a particular Burst address. Each possible Burst address can have more than one passphrase that works for it until it has a public key generated (or “activated”) by a transaction. Once this activating transaction is made, only your particular passphrase works for this Burst address now. Thus, completely securing it.

It is not extremely easy for someone to find a passphrase for a Burst address that hasn’t been activated, but it is much harder for someone to find the passphrase after it is activated.

To Activate Your Account

The goal here will be to create your public key with as little Burst as possible. You should only need one single Burst. Almost everyone should choose option #1, that coin you have is precious…don’t waste it! So there will be two scenarios:

  1. You are planning on mining on a pool. If you change your reward recipient to your chosen pool (for example, your account will be activated. After changing reward recipient, you need to wait 4 blocks before the change will take effect (15-20 minutes on average). To see how to mine at the pool, click on the link and select the “info” tab.
  2. You are either going to solo mine, or just hold Burst in the account without mining at all. The easiest way now, is to just name your account. This only costs one Burst as well. Click on “No Name Set” in the top left corner of your wallet after logging into it with your passphrase. Type in whatever you want to name your wallet in the field under “Name”. Keep in mind that this information is publicly available! Anything you type into the “Name” or “Description” field can be read by other people, so don’t put anything private in there such as your passphrase!

Your account is now activated. Just remember to keep your Burst wallet passphrase handy, but mostly very secure.

Happy Bursting!

Credit : Goodplanets & ryanw