Alias anlegen

  • To create an alias, send a transaction that states “This Text = That Text”.   Use the ‘Aliases’ menu and click ‘Register Alias’.
  • To change an alias, send another transaction with a new definition.
    Use the ‘Aliases’ menu and click ‘Edit’.
    Only the account that created an alias can change it.

Alias regestrieren

  • Click on ‘Register Alias’ in the upper right corner.
  • Select the ‘Type’: “URI”, “Account” or “Other”.
  • In the ‘Alias’ field, enter the name without blank spaces.
  • Depending on the selected ‘Type’, the text input field is named ‘URI’, ‘Account ID’ or ‘Data’.
    The ‘Data’ field can contain any text.  The maximum length is 1,000 bytes.
  • After the network has processed your message your Alias is reachable.

Alias anpassen

  • Click on ‘Edit’ behind the alias you want to change.
  • You can modify the ‘Type’ and ‘Data’, but you can not rename the ‘Alias’.
  • Click ‘Update’.

Alias übertragen

An alias can be transferred for the minimum Burstcoin fee.(0,00735 BURST)

  • Click on the ‘Transfer’ button behind the alias to be transferred.
  • Enter the ‘Recipient’ account id and a message (optional).
  • Enter your ‘Passphrase’ and click ‘Transfer Alias’.

Alias verkaufen

Aliases can be sold to specific Burstcoin accounts or to the general public.
When selling aliases, the prices can be set individually.

  • Click on ‘Sell’ behind the alias to be sold.
  • You can sell it to a specific user or offer it on the Burstcoin network.
  • Enter the price and the corresponding data.
  • Confirm and  click on ‘Sell Alias’.