/! If you are using Qbundle for the first time, it is recommended to let the blockchain synchronize from scratch by itself.


Downloading the Burst blockchain and installing it yourself is optional but much faster than letting your Burst local wallet sync with the network.

1. Visit here to find a list of mirrors to download the Burst blockchain.

2. if you have a local wallet running, you need to shut it down. Preferably, shut it down before you start downloading the DB file to spare some extra bandwidth.

3. Find the burst_db folder for your wallet. For the Burst-Team windows all in one client, you will need to type in %appdata% in windows explorer, and hit enter. From there, go to BurstWallet-> burst_db.

4. Copy over the two files that are in the zip over to the burst_db folder. If there are already files there, overwrite them with the new ones.

5. All done! Start up your wallet again, and it will sync itself with  the remaining time that has passed since the blockchain download was created.

Credit : ryanw