Burst Account Format

The account ID is stored internally as a 64 bit signed long variable. When used in APIs it is usually returned as both unsigned number represented as string and using alphanumeric Reed-Solomon representation starting with “BURST-” prefix.

For example: BURST-ER8M-SYV3-R7EK-EUF3L

In API request parameters and response JSON, you will find both representations, the numeric representation is typically displayed as account, sender, recipient.
The alphanumeric representation is typically displayed as accountRS, senderRS, recipientRS (simply always add “RS”). RS stands for Reed-Solomon.
This form of address improves reliability by introducing redundancy that can detect and correct errors when entering and using account ID’s.

Burst and NQT Amounts

All amounts should be converted to NQT format to be used in API calls.
NQT is the name given to 0.00000001 Burst (or 10^(-8) in mathematical shorthand).
The NQT to Burst ratio is equivalent to the Satoshi to Bitcoin ratio.
Simply put, 1 Burst is 100000000 NQT, therefore to convert Burst to NQT, simply multiply by 100000000.

Token(Asset) and currency QNT amounts

Each Token and Currency (generally referred to as “Holding”) has specific number of decimal positions to which this holding is divisible.
API requests and responses always expect the holding quantity to be specified as a whole number without decimal positions.
We refer to this value as QNT.
For example, when transferring 12.34 units of holding XYZ which has 4 decimal positions, specify the QNT value as 123400.

Minimum Fee

All outgoing transactions require a fee of at least 735000 NQT at the moment.
The minimum value is 735000 NQT. use suggestFee API call. for cheap/standard/priority suggestions.