The Burstcoin alias system is an open-ended feature that provides a basis for any system that requires mapping or translating alphanumeric text into any string of Latin-character numbers and letters.  For example, it could be used as the basis for a decentralized DNS system, an online shopping cart application, etc.  It essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another so that keywords or passphrases can be used to represent other things – names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, web sites, account numbers, email addresses, product SKU codes, etc.  A simple application would be to create easy-to-remember aliases for Burstcoin account numbers.

There are 2 main ways to use Burstcoin aliases without relying on third-party plugins for your browser:

  • Server-side
    A web server analyzes the Burstcoin blockchain and replaces “burst-links” with corresponding addresses before sending HTML documents to users.
  • Client-side
    A web browser runs JavaScript code that connects to Burstcoin bootstrapping nodes and replaces “burst-links” with their addresses. This requires embedding a small script which is executed in an “on-load” event. The script will use CORS, JSON, and other techniques.