• Open your Burstcoin wallet and select marketplace.
  • Select marketplace from the menu and then select search marketplace.
  • Enter a seller’s Burstcoin address to see a list of items that they have for sale.
  • Click the name of a product to open a purchase dialog.
    Enter quantity and delivery deadline (in hours).
    The delivery deadline defines the amount of time you are willing to wait for the seller to deliver before the transaction will be canceled.
    Verify your data and click purchase.
  • Orders that have been placed successfully appear in the purchased products menu with an initial order status of tentative.
    After network confirmation (block generation) the order status changes to pending.
    When the product has been delivered, the status changes to complete.
  • Click the name to open the marketplace delivery dialog.
    Enter your passphrase to decrypt the seller’s message. Here you will find the information on how you can receive your digital good.
  • You now have the option of leaving feedback for the seller.