• Open your Burstcoin wallet and select my store.
  • Click list product for Sale in the top right-hand corner.
  • Describe your product.
    Name: The name of the product.
    Description: More details about the product.  You can add a link to our promotional website where you can present the product in full detail.
    Tags: (optional) – Enter up to three tags separated by commas.
    Price: The product price per unity in Burstcoin.
    Quantity: The number of the items that you have in stock. This will decrease automatically each time a sale is made.
  • Confirm the offer by clicking on put For sale.
    It will then be listed in italics under my products for sale.
  • After your offer has been confirmed in a block, usually after a few minutes, it will be listed in normal font as a link.
  • When someone places an order to buy goods from you, it will show up in my pending orders.
    To complete the sale, press the deliver goods button.
  • In the pop-up window, enter your passphrase to decrypt the buyer’s message.
    You can check remember passphrase for decryption for future sales.
  • Enter details on how the buyer can download or receive their merchandise in data.
    You can optionally give your buyer a discount.
  • Enter your passphrase and select deliver purchase to finalize.
  • The completed order appears in my completed orders.
    For details, click on the product’s name.
    If they buyer has provided any feedback, you will find it here.
    This section is also where you would issue a refund if applicable.