Marketplace – the future of peer-to-peer buying and selling

The Burstcoin Marketplace provides a protocol for decentralized, peer-to-peer selling.  It is no longer necessary to rely on external market sites that charge commissions for facilitating your business.  Any type of merchandise can bought and sold.  The marketplace is particularly suited for digital goods such as software, music, and videos.  Buyers shop for seller’s products, place an order, and are provided with instructions for receiving or downloading their purchased products — no intermediaries, no fees, and no delays.    All transactions between the buyer and the seller are transacted directly on the blockchain using Burstcoin.

The Marketplace is supported by the BRS wallet.
With server running, access the local Burstcoin wallet by visiting http://localhost:8125/.
On the sidebar, find menus for marketplace and my store.
You will find the following action items:

  • Search marketplace
    Enter a seller’s address to view their products.
  • Purchased products
    See all of your previous purchases.
  • My products for sale
    See your items for sale and make updates to your offers.
  • My pending orders
    Here you will see pending orders from users who want to buy a product.
  • My completed orders
    Shows all finished orders and feedback from your customers.
  • List product for sale
    Here you add a new digital good in the marketplace.