Reward assignment is a transaction that notifies the network which account is to be credited for block rewards and transaction fees attributable to an individual miner’s account. It is a prerequisite for both solo and pool mining!

For solo burstcoin mining, the reward assignment transaction specifies the solo miner’s account.  For burstcoin pool mining, the transaction specifies the mining pool operator’s account. In the context of pool mining, the reward assignment transaction delegates authority to the pool to uses the participating miner’s submitted deadlines and to sign newly forged blocks using the participating miner’s account.  Note:  forged blocks are always signed by the account belonging to the miner who submitted the deadline used to forge the block.

To perform the reward assignment transaction, consult the documentation for the specific wallet being used.  The procedure generally follows this form:  Select tools – enter reward recipient address in Reed-Solomon format – select “Set Reward Recipient”.  Most wallets include a list of pool operations.  Selecting from this list will generally configure the wallet automatically.  Lists are updated frequently, but newer operations may not yet be included.  In this case, information specific to the chosen pool operation will have to be added manually.