A new era has begun on June 24!

Burstcoin becomes Signum

Signum – the blockchain platform

Signa – the native coin

SIGNA – the ticker

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You can still reach burst-coin.org but will be shut down very soon

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Open letter to the community

Our journey has been long, but we are in this together. Gather around friends, as we share our thoughts on the current state of Burstcoin and the road that lies ahead

The Darkness

In 2019, when the BAT and BMF team took over the development responsibilities, following the cloak-and-dagger departure of our predecessors, the Burstcoin community was in a state of hopelessness and despair.

To New Beginnings

We were small and agile and so we started to build a new framework for the Burstcoin blockchain. We solved many issues with the chain, introduced a new smart contract framework called “BlockTalk”, and managed the corresponding hard forks. A new front-end framework with Phoenix was introduced to make it easy to access Burstcoin via desktop or on any mobile. With BurstJS we also built a powerful middle-layer which empowers anyone to write their own applications with and for Burstcoin.At the same time, we built up a new community for Burstcoin which is stronger and healthier than ever. We sense the power of the communityand the constant drive to make Burstcoin more known, improving it with applications and core functionalities.

The Return

It is only now — with the latest Signum hard fork — that Burstcoin is ready to move from a small project to a full-fledged, sustainable blockchain within the Top 100 players in the crypto space. The hard fork was a tremendous success and has become the solid basis for all future technological developments. It has set the stage for a new era!

The Rise

This new era begins now. Growth does not just happen; it is the result of different forces coming together. One of them is this community.Let us build on what we have achieved so far and grow further. We are ready to bring sustainable blockchain and smartness to the next level and into the light.

We want to take this opportunity — together with our community — to rebrand ourselves and to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. By taking the very best of Burstcoin and combining it with the current and rejuvenated energy in the community, we can signal to the world that we can do better and grow into the greatness we deserve. To make this world a better place through innovation and smart sustainable thinking.

Burstcoin is finally growing up. Our values, our purpose and our goals are still the same. Let us use the current momentum and energy together, to grow from being the underdog to becoming a well-known blockchain that still engrains the same values for all of us as a community.

These values are:

  • Truly sustainable mining
  • Empowering small miners to achieve real decentralization
  • A secure and safe network
  • Bringing innovative technology to the forefront
  • Providing a feature-rich platform with low fees
  • Easy accessible for people and businesses around the world

Based on these core values, let us continue to advance this movement, making sure sustainability and blockchain are no longer divergent but unite and become mainstream today. Let us unite in signaling to the world that Signum is our future. The timing could not be better! Stay tuned as there is plenty of exciting news ahead.

former BAT & BMF