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General information

  • Name: Burst
  • Ticker: BURST
  • Number of decimals: 8
  • Maximum supply: 2,158,812,800
  • Algorithm: Proof-of-Capacity
  • Release: no ICO, no premine
  • Developers: Burstcoin Apps Team

What makes Burst unique?

Burst was created in August 2014 as a Nxt fork – it has been working and battle-tested for years. It is the first cryptocurrency using the Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm, a modified PoW mined with HDD space, making it much more energy efficient and green than Proof-of-Work, yet fairer and more decentralized than Proof-of-Stake. It was the first ever cryptocurrency to implement working, turing-complete smart contracts, and to perform Atomic Cross-Chain Transactions (ACCT).
On December 27th 2017, the PoC Consortium ( POCC ) developers released a white paper titled “The Burst Dymaxion”, describing the implementation of a tangle-based lightning network, making Burst a truly scalable, energy efficient and anonymous cryptocurrency. The Dymaxion will allow to open payment channels in the form of Tangles on top of the Burst blockchain. The white paper also describes a PoC3 consensus protocol that will allow the Burst blockchain to take over a custodian role in globally distributed redundant storage.

On January, 3th 2019, the POCC steps back from the development and opened the gate for a community driven approach. The BURST-Alliance ( BA ) overtook the lead to create a new future for BURST. The BMF ( BURST Marketing Funds ) and the BATs ( BURST Application Teams ) are working hand in hand to build a bright future for the BURST blockchain.

Burst: a community coin

We take great pride in the fact that Burst is fueled by its community in the most decentralized and organic fashion. Because of that, development and support are completely independent of any economical volatility on the markets. An ICO coin may fold when the markets get very bearish, but a community-driven coin like Burst is largely immune and provides more stability and reliability – two paramount factors for an healthy exchange portfolio.

Useful links –  Website ┃ GitHub ┃ Explorer ┃ Wallets ┃ Burst API ┃ Wiki ┃ Roadmap ┃ Branding material

Communication –  Main Twitter ┃ Development Twitter ┃ News ┃  Forums

Technical support / contact –

Note: as Burst is a community driven coin with no ICO, premine, etc., please be aware that in the overwhelming majority of cases we do not pay any listing fees whatsoever. You are welcome to contact us for any other offer of cooperation.