In Burst, we take great pride in the fact that we strive for innovation, paving the way of the future with our groundbreaking technology. We have been the first in the world capable of making the following things work :

Proof of Capacity protocol

Burst is the first ever cryptocurrency using the Proof-of-Capacity algorithm that allows efficient mining with your unused HDD space. Proof-of-Capacity was successfully implemented in 2014 by the original developer, going by the name “Burstcoin” on bitcointalk forums.

Smart contracts

Burst was the first ever cryptocurrency to implement working, “turing complete” smart contracts in a live environment in the form of Automated Transactions (AT), this occurred before both Ethereum and Counterparty. An application of these smart contracts was shown in the form of the world’s first decentralized lottery. It became the first ever program to run on top of a blockchain in a trustless decentralized manner. Other use cases of the Automated Transactions include decentralized crowdfunding.

Atomic Cross-Chain Transactions

A more recent innovation is the Atomic cross-chain transactions (ACCT): this allows for full decentralized trading between two cryptocurrencies without the need for any third-party, namely an online exchange. Cross-chain transactions have been successfully made between the blockchain of Burst and Qora.

The Dymaxion

The latest innovation, described in a dedicated white paper. It is the combination of many technologies: tangles, lightning network, Proof-of-Capacity, ring signatures, zk-SNARKs in order to create a truly global, scalable, green and anonymous cryptocurrency. With the Dymaxion, tangle-based fee-less payment channels can be opened on top of the Burst blockchain.

Source : Wikipedia