This is the continuation of the Mining pt.1 : Plotting your drives with XPlotter tutorial.

In this instructional we’re going to configure Blago’s CPU Mining Software to mine the plots on your machine.

Let’s get started!

If you are using Qbundle, the software is included: just click “Tools” -> “Miner”.

Otherwise, download Blago’s miner and extract it to your desktop or the local directory of your choice.

=> Download on GitHub <=

Edit Miner.conf Document

-open the miner.conf document in the Blago’s miner directory with notepad and you should see a text document that looks like this :

What you see here is a reference chart for the mining software to utilize when initializing the mining program.

“Mode” = whether your mining software uploads deadline hashes to a “pool” or directly to the burst network in “solo” mode.

(it’s up to you how you want to mine BURST but if you have less than 200TB of disk space plotted then I would recommend a pool)

As it is the miner.conf document is automatically designated to a fictitious pool which means you must update the file to direct the software to the proper web address or IP and port. You will need to know the pool of your choice’s server address and port so you can update the miner.conf file.

-You can shop around for pools here : Pools spreadsheet

-And you can see how each pool performs here :

=> Remember to always check if the pool suits the size of your plot files.

You must acquire the pools web address and port and propagate this information throughout the miner.conf document.

Let’s say you are mining at (the Port there is :8080), here’s how the completed miner.conf document would look:


Further more beside “Paths”: in the miner.conf document you will need to refer to all of your completely plotted plot files while maintaining the syntax properly.

So if your plot files are along the paths “C:BURSTPlots” and “E:BURSTPlots” then this line should look like this:

“Paths”: [“C:BURSTPlots”,”E:BURSTPlots”],**

Now that you have your miner.conf document prepared properly, save it.


Let’s create a passphrases.txt document within the Blagos directory

-Within the Blagos Burst Miner directory create a new text document.

-Paste your wallet’s passphrase into the document

-Save the document as passphrases.txt

Setting the Reward Assignment!

By this time you should already have selected the pool you wish to mine with. If not you can find a list of pool wallet addresses above in this tutorial.

If you are using Qbundle, just click “Tools” -> “Reward recipient”.

-Pick a pool and copy the wallet address onto your clipboard

-If you are using Qbundle, just click “Tools” -> “Reward recipient”. Otherwise go to this page: Set Reward Assignment

-Enter the pool’s BURST address and your mining wallet’s passphrase in the respective fields.

The pool address for is BURST-H96D-FT7X-Q5WB-DX23A


Now when your pool of choice is dividing up the Burst rewards among the miners it will automatically send your burstcoins to your Burst wallet.


Blagos should look like this when you start it up:


Optional : Going Solo

Conversely if you’d like to mine solo then change the miner.conf document to look like this:


Also, set the reward assignment to your own Burst wallet address.


Wait 4 block rounds and start up Blagos, it should look the same as above.

Congratulations! You are now mining Burst!

Credit : Gooplanets