Assuming you already downloaded and installed your AIO client and set up your Burst account, this tutorial will guide you through the simple steps needed to start mining Burst.

First of all ask yourselfe this question: How much storage do you have to spare to mine Burst? (Keep in mind, while you mine Burst you won’t be able to use this storage for anything else then mining Burst, so it might not be the best idea to fill your C: completely!)

The first thing we need is to create a plot:

Open your Wallet (if possible as Admin). On the bottom you have a button called Write Plots.

Click on this and a small window that looks like this will open:


1. Select the harddrive where you want to create the plotfile.
2. Once you selected the harddrive press Plot this Drive

You can then tick Expert mode and it will look like this:


1. Select how much of the drive you want to plot
2. (optionnal) If this is your first Plot set the Starting Nonce to 0,

else have a look at your other Plotfiles in my case:

My Last Plotfile started at 705714514 and it contains 1782552 nonces, that means 705714514 + 1782552 = 707497066, 707497066 will be my starting nonce for the next Plot.
3. Assign the numbers of Threads of your CPU that will be used to create a Plot. If you want to use your computer for anything else during the plotting I suggest assigning 1 less then available.
4. Check your Burst address and press Start Plotting

Once you click the Start Plotting button a similar cmd Window will open:


Here you see the progress of your Plotter. Leave this window open until it tells you it is done. It will take some time (up to multiple days depending on your Plotsize and your hardware / Nr. of threads asigned). For bigger plots files of multiple TBs you may want to use a GPU Plotter and Optimizer instead of the built-in XPlotter.

Once your first plot is done you have to choose a pool:

Lets say you plotted 500 GB. Have a look at this list


As you can see the has a recommended plot size of 0.497 TB (~500GB) so for now this pool seems to be a good point to start.

You can see how each pool performs here :

Once you have selected a pool, you need to set your reward assignment:

For this open your AIO client and press Start Mining.


A new window that looks like this will open :


First select the Pool on the right side where you want to mine. In my case
Once selected we need to set the reward Assignement. Click on Change Reward Assignment:


This will open, go to the Recipient – Burst address of pool box and right click -> Paste
Then also fill in the passphrase of the wallet you are mining with and press submit.

You will see a few lines of code. If there are no errors, this means that the operation was successful.

Once this is done (it takes around 16 minutes to be confirmed – the time of 4 Blocks -) we are ready to mine!

Back on the Miner Screen press Start Mining (You can decide CPU or OpenCL mode) and the Miner will open:


After some time it will look like this, once you see those light green ‘confirmed DL:’ messages it means you are mining successfuly and you will get burstcoins paid out as soon as you hit 300 Burst or after 24h (it might be different for other pools).

Have fun Mining Burst!

Credit : Menaxerius