The new paradigm

We observed the cryptocurrency ecosystem for years, and we have seen the majority of projects go astray because of misleading policies and questionable ethics. In Burst, we take pride in the fact that we strongly believe in flawless fundamentals, decentralization and innovation and that we favor long-term strategies over short-term greed.

  • No ICO / IPO: Burst had the fairest release possible to ensure perfect decentralization.
  • No premine: the mining software was freely available for everyone from day one.
  • No airdrops: we attract users with quality software, not with free coins.

A disruptive purpose

The Dymaxion enables Burst to become the backbone of the truly global network of payment channels everyone has been waiting for.

Yet Burst is not simply an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency or a payment system; it is a revolution in the way we perceive our economy. Burst is the new digital system that removes the need to trust a middleman. It is the birth of a true peer-to-peer economy, backed by smart contracts, tokens and digital assets.

Non-stop innovation

In Burst, we take great pride in the fact that we strive for innovation, paving the way of the future with our technology. We have been the first in the world capable of making the following things work:

Burst is the first ever cryptocurrency using the Proof-of-Capacity algorithm that allows efficient mining with your unused HDD space. Proof-of-Capacity was successfully implemented in 2014 by the original developer, going by the name “Burstcoin” on bitcointalk forums.

Burst was the first ever cryptocurrency to implement working, turing complete smart contracts in a live environment in the form of Automated Transactions (AT) – this occurred before both Ethereum and Counterparty. An application of these smart contracts was shown in the form of the world’s first decentralized lottery. It became the first ever program to run on top of a blockchain in a trustless decentralized manner. Other use cases of the Automated Transactions include decentralized crowdfunding.

Atomic cross-chain transactions (ACCT) allow for full decentralized trading between two cryptocurrencies without the need for any third-party, namely an online exchange. Cross-chain transactions have been successfully made between the blockchain of Burst and Qora.

The latest innovation, described in its dedicated white paper. It is the combination of many technologies: tangles, lightning network, Proof-of-Capacity, ring signatures, zk-SNARKs in order to create a truly global, scalable, green and anonymous cryptocurrency. With the Dymaxion, tangle-based fee-less payment channels can be opened on top of the Burst blockchain.

An ambitious roadmap

Functional since 2014, Burst has seen numerous technological advancements. The Roadmap reflects the ongoing, heavy technological investment taking place in Burst.

Our roadmap

Join the revolution

Burst has the power to disrupt traditional fiat currencies

Better security

Transactions are secured by an advanced, complex cryptography system.

A safeguard against inflation

The total supply is fixed at 2,158,812,800 coins - no one can inject more money into the system.

You really own your money

When an account is created, its only owner is the detentor of its password.

Low fees

Because cryptocurrencies eliminate all third-parties, the transaction fees are minimal.

Universal recognition

Burst is universally recognized at a given value and not affected by currency exchange rates.

Maintained privacy

Burstcoins are always exchanged directly from one person to another.

Get Started with Burst

Joining Burst is only a few clicks away. Download the official wallet for Windows, Mac, linux or mobile, and engage with our friendly community on a Burst forum.