Today, the core development team of the Burstcoin blockchain platform has released the cross-platform Wallet “Phoenix” version 1.0.0, from its one-year beta phase.

Two years ago, two developers blankey1337 (USA) and ohager (Brazil) started to develop a new wallet for Burstcoin, aiming for improvements in security, usability and maintainability. The desire for a wallet available for all common operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) was realized by combining modern web and desktop technologies like Angular, TypeScript, React Native, and Electron.

The first beta version of Phoenix was presented to the community exactly one year ago on May 6, 2019. In the course of a year, the mobile version for Android and iOS was also released. The two applications share a common JavaScript library called BurstJS, which was developed during the course of the project.

In addition to increased security, the new wallet stands out with a completely new design and brings a number of new features. It also contains various improvements in the user interface, the management of multiple accounts, current market information, support for “multi out payments”, QR codes for payment requests, and interaction with other applications via “deep links”.

The two main developers used their many years of software development experience in this open source project. Bug fixes and new features have been so far delivered more than once a month, using automated test and deployment processes. Developers from all over the world have also contributed to the project.

After more than a year of continuous work on the wallet, a 1.0 release signals the team’s confidence in the stability of this Burstcoin wallet. On top of that, the Phoenix Wallet will be delivered as the official Burst Wallet in the next major release (version 3.0) of the Burstcoin Reference Software.

Visit the new home for Phoenix cross-platform wallet or contact Burst Apps Team via