Radically superior

The Burst blockchain uses the Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm, ensuring maximum fairness and trivial energy consumption.

What is Proof-of-Capacity?


Greener than Proof-of-Work

The Burst mining system relies on the existing free space on your hard drive, instead of energy hungry CPUs and GPUs. Because of this, it is naturally very low on power usage. The difference between mining and normal/idle computer operation is so negligible you will not notice a difference on your power bill.

Fairer than Proof-of-Stake

A PoS system enforces centralization of coins (the richest are better remunerated) and is inherently haunted by monetary concerns (51% attacks are fatal). On the other hand, Proof-of-Capacity makes no compromise: anyone can mine with the same chances since hard disks are easily available at low cost.


Naturally decentralized

Most people already possess all the hardware necessary to mine Burst – hard drives are much more accessible than expensive GPUs, ASICs and complex cooling systems. Burst is more decentralized by design, because the barriers to entry are so low it allows anyone to mine effortlessly.

Blockchain technology is naturally decentralized, meaning no single authority controls it. This feature ensures transparency and security, crucial for systems like ビットコインカジノ. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger, preventing manipulation. In a Bitcoin casino, this decentralized nature fosters trust, making it a reliable platform for players worldwide.

A new way to make money

Just plug in your drive, plot it, and leave your computer mining, earning you coins periodically. The more space you allocate to mining, the higher the reward. Mining leads to extremely low power consumption and doesn’t damage your drives. You can still use them for storage or sell them if you decide to stop.

How it works

In a Proof-of-Work system, the network of transactions is secured by performing an insane amount of computations every second in order to validate each block. This is why you have to use hardware like powerful CPUs, GPUs or ASICs to mine. This leads to downsides like high electricity consumption, heat and noise, the need for specialized, non-reusable hardware, and centralization of the mining process by big corporations.

Burst mining style solves all these problems (and is also ASIC-resistant) by allowing HDD mining – miners secure the network with their disk space. It can be seen as a “condensed Proof-of-Work”: you compute once (a process called plotting) and cache the results of your work on hard disk space. Then mining only requires to read through your cache – your HDD is idle most of the time and reads through the plot files only for a few seconds for each block.

Three steps to mine


Step 1 – Plotting

Miners pre-generate chunks of data (plots), containing all the computations necessary to forge blocks.

Step 2 – Reward assignment

Miners join a pool by defining it as beneficiary who will get the BURST reward should they find a block.

Step 3 – Mining

The mining software automatically reads through the plots and tries to forge each block.


The Burst blockchain hosts everything you need for a fulfilling experience.

Asset exchange

Create, hold and trade tokens on the Burst blockchain.


Encrypted messaging

Send and receive messages from one account to another.



Easily fund your project in a decentralized fashion.



Buy and sell goods for burstcoins in a few clicks.


Get started with Burst

Joining Burst is only a few clicks away. Download the official wallet for Windows, Mac, linux or Android, and engage with our friendly community on a Burst forum.

That’s not all! Blockchain is merely the base of the Burst technology

The Burst Dymaxion