Network Distribution Strengthen-Award

Network Distribution Strengthen-Award

A reward for full-node operators

The BMF (BURST Marketing Fund) started on 23th December 2018  with an Award contribution to all full-node operators of the Burst-network. The NDS-A was paid at the beginning on a weekly basis to all vaild nodes, but nowerdays the NDS-A is paid fully automated and by script from the BMF-NDS-A-Distributor acount on a daily basis. The main reason behind the NDS-A is to give a bonus to the full-node operator by keeping up the Burst-network and maintain the node with the newest code status.

Network Distribution Strengthen-Award
Multi-out with same amount

How to join the NDS-A

To participate in the NDS-A, you only need to operate a full-node with the current BRS version (see wallet-download-section)  and check your config files for the following settings:

  • Set P2P.myPlatform to your BURST account.
  • Set P2P.shareMyAddress = yes
  • Set”P2P.Port = 8123″

The NDS-A will be paid to your BURST account which is set under P2P.myPlatform in your configuration.Via the Burst-Explorer you can check if your node is  valid for the NDS-A.

Burst full node distrubtion

Distribution and Funding

The payment is fully automated in that way that everyone can send BURST to BMF NDS-A Distributor to distribute the BURST to the node operators. This script was provided by developer Zoh! The BMF is sending every 10 hours an BURST-Amount to the BMF NDS-A Distributor which will distribute the BURSTs alonge the valid node operators. If your node is online while the distribution and fullfils the requirements, you will auomatically receive your payment. Your latency should be less than 1000ms.

Burst full node distrubtion