The future is what we make it

Our Burst roadmap helps us share what we’re working on next and the direction that we’re taking this project in. We decided to come up with something accessible and clear enough to help us open up a practical dialogue with the community.

These are the achieved tasks starting from August 2017.

Core improvements

Code refactoring

  • Improving structure and readability with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. Getting rid of old code from the NXT wallet.
  • Paving the way for more advanced modifications.

Improving stability and reliability

  • Improving the overall stability of wallets and nodes in order to maximize the security and reliability of the network.
  • Better debugging and logging

Better development efficiency

  • Adding new procedures such as Unit-Tests, improving the API and other advanced components.

Soft fork: Dynamic node capabilities

  • Making the mempool size configurable to better adjust to the node capabilities.

Hard Fork: Dynamic block size and transaction fees

  • Making transaction cost and block size dynamic values to be better able to cope with varying transactional load on the Burst blockchain.

PoC2 protocol

  • A minimally invasive way to achieve time-memory tradeoff resistance, while keeping the currently used plots functional.


Mobile Payment infrastructure

  • Bringing Burst closer to the ‘real economy’ by enhancing mobile payments, a vital feature for merchants.


Simplified softwares

  • Facilitating the installation and deployment of the Burst softwares and packages for the end user.


New tools and services

  • Providing the current explorers and observers with new tools and infrastructure.

Websites overhaul

  • Updating and improving the content, organization and aspect of the main Burst websites.

Core improvements

Hard Fork: Tethered Assets

  • A new class of asset with guaranteed value, relative to existing “real-world” currencies and commodities.

“Clandestine Project”

  • TBA


Expanding the ways of spending Burst

  • Getting Burst accepted on payment infrastructures such as

Core improvements

Hard Fork: The Dymaxion

  • Enabling tangle-based lightning networks, effectively making Burst a scalable, green and anonymous cryptocurrency.


Wallet interface overhaul

  • Improving the wallet frontend from both a graphical and UX point of view.


More exchange gateways

  • Getting Burst listed on more exchanges and expanding the trading of Burst for fiat.

Core improvements

PoC3 Protocol

  • Taking over a custodian role in globally distributed redundant storage by allowing to store important information in plot files.


Wallet implementation in other languages

  • Creating new wallet softwares written in languages other than Java, allowing better flexibility for the end user.


Large-scale promotional campaigns

  • Once the Burst network and code reaches a more advanced state, starting heavy Burst advertising on different outlets.

Disclaimer : this roadmap is likely to be subject to future revisions and modifications. It does not represent a promise of development of any sort, but rather an indication of the direction taken by the development team at a given time.