The rules have changed

Burst is the backbone of something far greater: a network of global payment channels tailored for individual needs, capable of sustaining the total global load of non-cash transactions.

What is the Dymaxion?

The Blockchain is the best known technology for cryptocurrencies, but there is a popular alternative: the Tangle – a stream of interlinked and individual transactions, distributed and stored across a decentralised network of participants.

Each technology has its pros and cons, so we are joining them for unprecedented synergistic gains.

In a white paper titled The Burst Dymaxion, the PoC Consortium developers introduced this innovative concept to the world. The Dymaxion implements layers of tangle-based lightning networks on top of the Burst blockchain. Each of these payment channels is opened in the form of a standalone colored tangle.

Open your own tangle


Transactional capacity increases arbitrarily with the number of users


Transactions are processed instantly, free of fees and energy efficient


The tangle issuer chooses its characteritics, including anonymity

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What can the Dymaxion do for you?

Improve your internal operations

Open your own private tangle accessible only by authorized participants:

  • Better efficiency: your inhouse transactions are lightning-fast, free of fees and borderless.
  • Your data: all transactions are kept in an immutable ledger. You are in control.
  • A secure architecture: Burst is decentralized and secured by thousands of miners.

Seduce your customers

Open your own public tangle easily accessible by all your customers:

  • Your own token: create a token that truly represents your brand.
  • Improve your service: provide your customers with unmatched speed and efficiency.
  • Be cutting-edge: show the world that your brand is commited to innovation.

Clearing Houses

Remittance Processors

Facilitate the exchange of payments, securities, or derivatives transactions with the tangle technology.

  • Increase monitoring operations.
  • Improve transactional speed: complete operations in the blink of an eye.
  • Reduce transactional costs, latency and settlement risk.

Process and clear payments more efficiently using the tangle technology.

  • Increase cash flow.
  • Improve customer service with access to payments data.
  • Reduce float time associated with payments coming from remote offices or locations.

Join an existing Dymaxion layer

You don’t even need to learn about Burst – just join an already existing Dymaxion layer and profit:

  • A new experience: enjoy instant and fee-less transactions at the tip of your fingers.
  • No learning required: someone already opened a tangle for you – just use it.
  • Be a pioneer: a new financial system is waiting for you. Join the revolution.

Create your own Dymaxion layer

You may want to open a payment channel for your own needs. No problem!

  • Your rules: customize your tangle and create your own token.
  • Anonymous transactions: enable total privacy with ring signatures and zk-SNARKs.
  • Boost your project: a payment channel from the future tailored for your needs.

How it works

A tangle distributes “transactional stress” among its own network of participating nodes, allowing for arbitrary scalability. The more nodes participate, the higher the transactional capacity of each of the current active networks becomes.

In other words, every new user making transactions is increasing the total transactional capacity of the network.

A Dymaxion Layer (DL) initiator chooses between several tangle parameters. One of them is anonymity: ring signatures and zk-SNARKs are part of the DL implementation and upon opening a DL can be chosen – optionally – to conceal transactions that do happen within that specific DL. In this case, records of the tangle transactions can be kept, but do not contain any information to make the participants of the tangle identifiable.

As the payment channels are opened on top of the Burst blockchain, the Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol remains the backbone of the network. Burst is much more energy efficient than PoW cryptocurrencies.


The Dymaxion is coming soon

The Burst Dymaxion is going to be developed in 2019. Read the white paper for more detailed and technical information. Follow the PoC Consortium on Twitter and GitHub to keep up with the latest news.

Dymaxion layers are deployed on top of the blockchain

The Burst blockchain