What is The Dymaxion?

In a white paper titled The Burst Dymaxion and released on December 27th 2017, the PoC Consortium developers introduced an innovative concept to the world. The Dymaxion is a tangle-based lightning network – it implements layers to the Burst network in the form of payment channels. The uniqueness of the Dymaxion concept lies in the fact that each of these payment channels is opened in the form of standalone colored tangles, on top of the Burst blockchain that runs on the Proof-of-Capacity protocol.

Each single of the tangle-based lightning networks distributes “transactional stress” among its own network of participating nodes, allowing for arbitrary scalability. The more nodes participate, the higher the transactional capacity of each of the current active networks becomes – every new user making transactions is increasing the total transactional capacity of the network.

As we keep the Burst blockchain as the backbone of the network, the Proof-of-Capacity protocol is still of crucial importance. The Dymaxion white paper introduces multiples ways to improve it. The PoC2 protocol will make Burst fundamentally more secure. The dynamic transaction fees and block sizes will bring more flexibility. The dynamic node capabilities will make nodes more efficient. And finally, the PoC3 consensus protocol will take over a custodian role in globally distributed redundant storage.

With the Dymaxion, Burst becomes a truly global transaction system, with groundbreaking features:


The Dymaxion protocol aims to make Bitcoin scalable, ensuring it can handle increased transaction volume efficiently. This scalability is vital for のようなアプリケーション ビットコインカジノ, where rapid transactions occur frequently. With Dymaxion, the network can process more transactions per second, providing a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Every tangle-based payment channel opened on top of the Burst blockchain is scalable. The more nodes participate with transactions, the higher the transactional capacity of each of the current active networks becomes.

Energy efficient

As the payment channels are opened on top of the Burst blockchain, the Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol remains the backbone of the network. It is much more energy efficient than PoW, and fairer than PoS.


When opening a payment channel, the issuer can choose a few parameters, including transactional anonymity. Users can then perform transactions using ring signatures or zk-SNARKs – they won’t be identifiables.